Summertime Is Here! 2 Ways To Avoid Razor Bumps For Ladies

razor bumps 11Together with the arrival of summer season also occurs the necessity to get dressed down and head over to the seaside. This is the routine for thousands of individuals who stay alongside huge water bodies and those that do not. This is certainly not abnormal throughout summer season for family members and people to drive a vehicle from inland to the coastline searching for sun and fine sand. With sun and sand arrives beach wear specifically beach shorts as well as bikinis. This presents a problem of looking presentable. One major obstacle is unwanted hair. While men are not especially bothered by this, women are.

Today’s unspoken beach etiquette requires perfectly smooth legs. This has resulted in increased vigilance when it comes to shaving both the legs and the bikini area. Today’s bikini wear has transformed drastically in the feeling that the design is much more revealing and more daring. To avoid the danger of exposing unwanted hair, many women have opted to eradicating the issue such as using several home remedies for razor bumps.

Excess bikini hair has been an issue for many women especially those with the need to wear low cut or high cut bikinis. This has also spawned a whole industry of products which cater for the needs of bikini hair removal. There are many different techniques in the market. Among the primary troubles with bikini hair removal is bikini razor bumps that usually show up right away soon after shaving. For several individuals these kinds of bumps could trigger unattractive marks that may linger much longer than one may really want. Listed below are a couple of techniques to eliminate razor bumps entirely.

razor bumps razor 2Razor. Study demonstrates that the normal individual uses the exact same razor at the very least 4 times right before changing it. This is among the simplest ways to earn grievous razor bumps. The bikini area is an area of the body that is especially soft and the skin extremely delicate. A razor that has been re-used usually has lost its cutting edge and will tend to chop off the air in an angle. This hair then re-grows and punctures this delicate skin causing painful and unsightly bumps. To eradicate razor bumps, use a new razor each and every single time.

Warm water. This is the most common home remedies for razor bumps. There are people who prefer to shower with cold water specifically if the weather condition is very hot. The most effective water for cutting bikini hair is warm water. This is due to the fact that it has the tendency to relax the skin layer and the hair too. The moment the hair is far too course; generally there is a much higher tendency for razor bumps due to the fact that it is curly. Curly hair has the tendency to trigger razor bumps greater than long straight hair. Warm water aligns the hair and permits much easier shaving.


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