Six Useful Tips And Remedies For Razor Bumps

razor bumps 8Shaving is among the simplest procedures for getting rid of undesirable hair; however if not conducted correctly, it can result in unpleasant, itchy and unappealing razor bumps and sometimes can even trigger ingrown hairs. This generally takes place when the hair sac gets affected with bacteria and creates soreness and swelling in that spot.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

The best method to avoid razor burns is by avoiding shaving. Shave as less as possible and if it is really necessary to shave, then make certain that the edge of the razor isn’t really blunt as it can trigger razor bumps. Likewise, you have to beware certainly not to cut if the skin is dry or the soap you are applying is tough.

Right here are a bit of home remedies for razor bumps and various ideas to get eliminate them promptly and conveniently:

Cold Compress – Cold compress is one of the most reliable method to get eliminate a razor burn. It helps by soothing the area of irritation and reduces the inflammation. Wrap some ice cubes in a towel and place them over the affected area for a few minutes. And if you don’t have ice cubes, then soak towel in cold water and put it on the affected area, it will soothe the pain and minimize the soreness.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is composed antibacterial properties and this makes it very valuable for stopping razor burns, infections and bumps.

Cucumber – Cucumber is one other cool solution for eliminating razor burns, the anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties found in the cucumber aids in managing razor bumps. Vitamin K and C is current in cucumbers and these 2 play crucial role in alleviating the itching and discomfort.

razor bumps razor 2Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is one more really good alternative for removing razor bumps. The cooling and calming quality of Aloe Vera will definitely offer you instant relief from the inflammation and the burning sensation of a razor burn. Additionally, Aloe Vera will also keep the skin smooth and moisturized which will speed up the healing process.

Don’t Shave Everyday – Along with the above given tips, another good remedy is prevention. Razor burns are no exception; if you are shaving on a regular basis, then you are vulnerable to get razor bumps. In the event that you get rashes on your face as a result of shaving then give your skin a long time to heal and shave soon after a week.

Use A Shaving Cream – Just before you trim the hairs, use a shaving cream. It will definitely moisturize and lighten the hairs on your face, thus it will definitely be much easier for you to get rid of the hairs. Razor burns appear in case your face is vulnerable to soreness or is dry. Once you have shaved apply a moisturizing cream so that it can decrease itchiness and redness and decrease the risk of razor burns.

Certainly there are a bunch of remedies we can use to avoid our skin and face from razor bumps. Go to this link to know more about standard and advance remedies to get rid of your razor bumps.


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